Anything you want, there's a command for that.

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The ultimate Discord bot
for your Discord community

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    Gaming Tools

    Find titles on Steam, see who's playing a game in your server, set your PC specs to show them off, and more.

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    Anti-raid and spam prevention tools. Advanced user muting, nickname history, and more. Detailed mod logs.

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    Earn and keep track of virtual money using Beemo's economy system. Set up a shop for users to buy from.

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    Check the weather. Find out what the heck an "erf" is. Or pull up cute Corgis from Google Images.

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    Social Features

    Rank up with Beemo. Set up customizable user profiles with custom badges and backgrounds. And more.

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    Fun and Games

    Try the casino, race members, or play Paper Rock Scissors. Tons of games to keep your server busy.

Bring your community together with social features that enhance user interaction.

Express yourself with user profiles! Customize the background, title, and the About Me section with whatever you want. Server moderators can create and upload custom badges and backgrounds unique to their community. Best of all, profiles are synced across servers so you won't lose your customizations.

  • 100+badges

  • 50+backgrounds

  • 300+commands

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Show off your custom PC with Beemo's unique specs feature!

We're parnering with brands and businesses like PrimoChill and Savant PCs to create a database of PC specs that users can display and customize. PC gaming communities can use this to show off builds and brands can use this to pull up the specs of a user for reference when dealing with support. Best of all, your specs carry over across servers with Beemo.

Show off your motherboard, case, CPU, and more in a neat embed with a color that matches your role color!